SIP Trunks

Wholesale SIP Trunks

Wholesale SIP Trunks are required with the 3CX Phone System and most other IP Phone Systems to enable incoming and outgoing external phone calls.

Phone System Templates

As of version 18 update 7, 3CX has chosen to remove our built-in SIP Trunk template. Stating if we wish to keep the Trunk listed, we must spend £75,000+ every year. We suspect this will be increase by £20-25k per year.

This makes no sense as our SIP Trunks offer more features such as Fax T38, and confirms to all the 3CX Standards, yet providers who only provides basic functions are listed. This seems to be geared around financial gain with no respect to the vlaue the trunk brings to 3CX.

Our SIP Trunks will continue to work with 3CX and we have now provided a template which you can import. Once imported, you can setup the sip trunks as you did before.