Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale Services from I.T Communications enables wholesale customers to offer their customers a full range of services suited to customer requirements.

Minimum Commitments
With most wholesale services there is a minimum term of 1 month service with 1 month notice to cancel. However, for certain services such as Broadband and Leased Lines, the minimum term would be either 12 or 36 Months.
Please refer to your service contract for the minimum duration.

The total monthly minimum billable services per month on all wholesale accounts is currently £500.00 this can comprise of Service and call charges combined. If the total amount is less then £500.00 per month, there will be an admin fee to bring the total amount to £500.00

New Wholesale Account Requirements

Your Business MUST BE a UK Registered Limited Company
we require all wholesale account customers to have a valid limited company and a bank account registered in the name of the business for the purpose of collecting payments for wholesale services.
Your Business MUST BE VAT Registered with HMRC
we require you to be VAT Registered and to provide us with your VAT Number. This is to ensure we are compliant with VAT Act 1994 Section 55A – Wholesale Customers are to account to HMRC for the reverse charge output tax on the VAT exclusive price of applicable wholesale services.
Your Business MUST register with an External Dispute Resolution Scheme
Communications providers offering services to individuals and small businesses (up to 10 employees) must be members of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme. ADR schemes act as an independent middleman between the service provider and the customer when an initial complaint cannot be resolved.
You MUST be reselling the services
Wholesale Services is a volume-based service and is NOT for the sole purpose of gaining wholesale discounts to the sole benefit of your business. Basically, You cannot obtain wholesale services simply to lower your telecommunications service costs, You MUST be reselling services to your customers.