Soft-Switch Updates

Soft-Switch Latest Updates

July 2022 Updates

4.8.7 2022-07-03 22:56:05

  1. Extended the agent report to include more fields, like the stats
  2. Added a listnumbers and cleannumbers action for proxyapi campaign
  3. Added disposition filter to OUTCDR report
  4. Fixed a bug sending multiple alerts for call cost limits
  5. Allowed extension user to use the simple call history


June 2022 Updates

4.8.3 2022-06-02 17:58:03

  1. Fixed email template profiles for missed calls
  2. More adjustment to colors for wallboard agents
  3. Preliminary support to geoip IPv6

4.8.4 2022-06-08 21:26:35

  1. Fixed enforcing music on hold for extensions
  2. Parking lot for virtual extensions
  3. New destination to park a call in a certain parking lot
  4. Added a new variable for “wherelanded” in recording template
  5. Fixed adding a destination with a feature code

4.8.5 2022-06-20 07:49:58

  1. Fixing the extension dial timeout when using the huntlist
  2. Fixed extension edit link in Status/Peers
  3. Added extension edit link in Configuration/Phones
  4. Improved usability of new multicolor condition
  5. Fixed a security problem allowing to evade restriction in the extension, like after an abuse detected
  6. Fixed showing call rates allowed for the user while editing rates cost

4.8.6 2022-06-26 23:45:52

  1. Fixed locate ip
  2. Fixed deleting DID using Proxyapi
  3. Added ability to set in the virtual extension to use real extension callerid
  4. Notification by email now more tolerant to bad email addresses