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New Soft-Switch PBX Pricing Structure

For many years, the structure between Wholesale and Retail offering has not been aligned. This makes it very difficult for partners to set their own sell prices for end users. As of 30/08/2023 we have now fully aligned the Retail... Read More

Changes to Ofcom CLI rules

Ofcom have announced changes to the General Conditions and supporting guidance to improve the accuracy of the CLI data. Rules will be modified to require providers to identify and block calls with CLI data that is invalid, does not uniquely... Read More

Wholesale Pricing Review

As many of you know, we have always had a policy that any price changes to services would only affect new services that have been ordered following a price update. However, for some time now we have been making a... Read More

Ofcom publishes statement on the future of telephone numbers

On Friday, Ofcom published its statement on the future of telephone numbers. Having previously consulted on the matter, the regulator has taken the decision to alter the rules that administer the use of phone numbers in the country, with an... Read More

IPv6 – Latest Developments – Real Benefit to 3CX Users

With RIPE now out of IPv4, IPv6 is getting deployed by more providers and businesses around the world. Many running in dual stack (both IPv4 and IPv6) on the same network and devices. There are benefits of everyone enabling IPv6... Read More

EECC changes coming up in December

In December, Ofcom published their final statement detailing the plan for implementing the new European Electronic Communications Code. We now have clarity about which changes will be made and when. A few small changes have already been added to the... Read More

Reminder About Recycling Ported Numbers

We are aware of a situation that can occur whereby a range is imported for an end user, but then subsequently reused by the CP for another end user once the original end user has terminated their service. For example,... Read More


Vodafone UK have decided to bill calls terminated to or on their network based upon where the call originates from, effective June 1st 2021. Calls to the Vodafone network in the UK will be subject to a surcharge from certain... Read More

Openreach All IP Programme “stop sell” update

Openreach have today published an updated list of “stop sell” exchanges, where Openreach expect to have coverage of at least 75% full fibre (FTTP). A reminder that in these areas new copper orders (including upgrades such as additional ISDN channels... Read More

Switzerland Phone Numbers Withdrawn

The Swiss National Regulatory Authority has revised its policy on International operators such as I.T Communications. I.T Communications will no longer provide new Switzerland Phone Numbers due to updated Switzerland Government rules / Regulations. Existing Phone Numbers It is with... Read More