With RIPE now out of IPv4, IPv6 is getting deployed by more providers and businesses around the world. Many running in dual stack (both IPv4 and IPv6) on the same network and devices.

There are benefits of everyone enabling IPv6 on networks. Sadly, not all Broadband Providers in the UK have enabled this yet. However, this does not mean you cannot deploy IPv6 on your Networks.

I.T Communications can provide you with IPv6 Public Addresses via a /64 or even a /48 from either of our master prefixes. We don’t need to provide the Internet connection either for this to be possible.

Method One ) If you have a Direct Fibre (Leased Line) delivered from our network, we can then deploy IPv6 alongside the existing IPv4 IP Addresses. There is no cost to this.

Method Two) Broadband via Third Party – providing the connection has a static IPv4 IP Address (Most business connections do) we can provide a /64 or /48 via a 4in6 Tunnel. We basically route the IPv6 over your existing IPv4 IP Address. Your router will need to support this feature. £25.00 per month – zero setup and free support.

Our Partners qualify for a /64 allocation for their own Office for FREE to help you learn how to manage IPv6, You only get billed if you deploy to Customers.

IPv6 will be provided from our RIPE Allocated Prefixes of 2a0d:35c0::/29 and 2a06:dd40::/29 giving I.T communications 2 x 34359738368 /64’s of which each /64 also contains 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 Public IP addresses. We will not run out anytime soon. We will not be using any third parties for this service.

Why not use He.NET – Its free?

Whilst this is true, there is no phone support. Only email and due to the nature of how the He.NET service is ran, i.e., it allows end users to pick the location of their gateway such as London, USA and it then may allow the end user to access services in that country that they would not otherwise be allowed to use such as some TV Broadcasts etc. Due to that, Netflix is starting to block IPv6 from HE.NET Prefixes.

We will register each /48 or /64 Allocation we provide you, with RIPE in your company name etc and the Country Code to which the IP Addresses will be used.

The Real Benefit for Hosted 3CX

  1. Deploy IPv6 on customer network and no need for VPN or 3CX SBC (We assign IPv6 to the Hosted 3CX PBX)
  2. Enable IPv6 on all Desk Phones (Yealink etc)

I have disabled IPv4 on my Yealink Desk Phone and notice nothing odd at all.

From a Management respective (With the correct customer Firewall Rules to allow) Say goodbye to Team Viewer to get remote access to a Desk Phone for either fixing a fault or setting up a new phone. All you need is that phones IPv6 Address and you will be able to connect direct to the phone interface.

From the 3CX Console, at your remote office (Again Firewall Rules Allowing) you will be able to login to the 3CX Management Console > select Phones and then select a Phone (Any) and click Phone UI and that will log you directly into the IP Phone without you needing to enter any username / passwords.

Think how much support time this will save! Oh, and you will be getting the bonus of the customers and hopefully your network being IPv6 Enabled / Ready.