As many of you know, we have always had a policy that any price changes to services would only affect new services that have been ordered following a price update.

However, for some time now we have been making a loss on some services due to that policy and this cannot unfortunately continue.

Example BT PSTN Phone Line Rental. BT increase its fees to us every year for existing and new services, we have not increased the price on existing PSTN Services since the start of offering the services.

As of 31/05/2022 some services will see a price increase if they are being billed on older rates. The prices displayed on the website is the current price.

This also effects some other services such as Bria Counterpath which will see the price increase to £5.15 per user / month from 31/05/2022 for existing licences. Our buy price increase but have not passed on previously to existing orders, again this cannot unfortunately continue.

On the positive side, we have introduced the SIP Unlimited SIP Trunks at £8.00 per month with Unlimited Channels.

Some older wholesale accounts are still being billed £1.00 per phone number and £1.00 per SIP Channel. We will be updating this from 31/05/2022 as follows new and existing phone number rental £0.075p per number. Existing SIP Trunks where they are billed at £1.00 per channel will be increased to £2.00 to bring wholesale accounts into alinement.

The increased prices for phone numbers are necessary as ported-in number rentals are now being billed to us at the same rate that we are selling to wholesale customers.

Teams per user cost is now £2.65 was £2.00

We understand that customers do not like price changes, however with everything increasing in the supply chains, end user prices unfortunately sometimes need to increase to reflect this.